High School Sweethearts Amaze Me

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By Michael Watt

This may earn me a lifetime ban from the He-Man Women Haters Club, but I find high school sweethearts who marry and stay married intriguing.
I think of how different we all are from my high school days – physically and mentally – and I can not fathom how enduring a love must be to survive not one but two people changing to that extent. I also can’t fathom living my entire life based on a decision made by a teenager.

So when I got wind of a contest being sponsored by the Holiday Inn in Carle Place that celebrates High School Sweethearts with a contest for the best HSS story – winning prize is a romantic weekend getaway – I posted it to my Facebook page and to my high school alumni pages. Wow! The immediate feedback was heartwarming, if you will. One family has three sisters still married to their high school boyfriends, and another friend chimed in that her parents met in KINDERGARTEN and have been married more than 60 years. Now that’s an enduring, unconditional love.

As the daily news bombards us with increasingly horrific reports of acts committed in the name of hatred and anger, it’s refreshing and inspiring to know that the love bond between two people can be so strong.