Let’s Boycott The Bastards

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By Michael Watt


Only one thing saddens me more than the fact that some stores open for business on Thanksgiving: That there are people who go shopping on Thanksgiving.


I get that store managers and their supervisors are under more pressure than ever to hit their numbers. Although I never worked in retail, my guess is the guy or gal who makes that policy decision to open the doors on Thanksgiving doesn’t have to work that day. After all, nothing is impossible to the man (or woman) who doesn’t have to do it.


And I get that not everybody is a Super Shopper such as myself, capable of getting all his holiday shopping done in one glorious afternoon, usually the Saturday before the Big Day. And I get that more and more of us have less and less free time because we are working two or three jobs. Somebody’s got to make the dough that covers those school superintendent salaries and pensions.


But seriously, do we have to go shopping on Thanksgiving? Are we so hard up for a bargain that some poor kid or struggling mom sales clerk has to be away from her family on what is arguably the most family-oriented holiday of the year?


Therein lies the rub. If nobody went shopping on Thanksgiving they would not bother opening the doors. If more people honored the notion of family and being with loved ones or even just respected the rights of others to enjoy that privilege then this wouldn’t even be an issue.


But they don’t and it is. For what it is worth, I make a mental note of the stores that open on Thanksgiving – and, in doing so, disrespect their country and their employees’ families. I’m talking to you Wal-Mart, Ann Taylor and Target. I make a point of not shopping in those stores on that fateful December Saturday afternoon or any other time, for that matter. I only wish more people would follow my lead. Forget the damn TSA pat downs – LET’S BOYCOTT THE STORES THAT STAY OPEN ON THANKSGIVING.

I’m sure their employees wouldn’t mind having Thanksgiving off next year because nobody came to shop this year.


Thank you for reading this blog.


Michael Watt is the president of Long Island Inc. , Long Island (NY)-based marketing & communications strategies firm that specializes in helping small businesses tap into various economic development resources. For more information visit www.longislandinc.com.




  1. Ginny says:

    I couldn’t agree more!
    Be with family and friends on Thanksgiving or go out and volunteer to help out somewhere……