Take a Photo. Any Photo

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By Michael Watt

I need a new profile pic for my Facebook, LinkedIn and Mr. Long Island blog.

I was going to put it out there that if anyone has a picture with me in it that they would like to share then I would be most appreciative if they did so, but Lord knows what that will turn up. I made the mistake once of lamenting to my friend Darragh of Pennsylvania that I have no photos of me and my friends from either high school or college. He sent the one HE had of me and upon seeing it I became very glad that photography and video recording were not as advanced back in my salad days as they are  now. It’s not the one that Darragh of Pennsylvania sent, but the photo that accompanies this blog best explains why. Let’s just say I didn’t always put my best foot forward back in the day, and the last thing I needed is for someone with a camera or recording device immortalizing my debauchery. Plus the fashions and the hair from the 1970s are still hysterical. I pity the generation that embraces that look going forward. Cripes!

So I will keep an eye out for a good photo opportunity. In the meanwhile, I’m feeling brave so if  you have a photo with me in it – from any era – feel free to send it to

Thank you for reading this blog.