The Sitcom as Cocktail

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I have never seen this discussed anywhere else, but I have come to the realization that the 7:30 time slot on Channel 5 is like a after-work cocktail for me.

I don’t drink, so there is no such thing as a post-work adult beverage for me when I get home. I do notice, however, that I tend to turn on “The Office” at 7:30 and that serves as a nice little transition for me from work to home life. Michael Scott & Co., make me laugh every night, just as Jerry Seinfeld &  Co. made me laugh when they owned that time slot.

Like the person who can have one drink and then walk away – that was never me – I can watch one episode of “The Office,” feel better about the world and turn the TV off. I am ready to tackle whatever I have to do that night. The best part? No calories, and no harm is done to my liver.

Does anyone else feel this way? What is your post-work routine?


  1. Kyle says:

    I gave up working, thus no after work routine. I gave up cable, thus no TV routine. About the time that you are unwinding usually finds me taking a brisk walk around town, perhaps dropping into my public library that is a mere four or five blocks away.

    Back when I was working for you, my after work routine was rushing to the after school program to pick up Steve and Allie, rushing home to cook (“pasta again?”), dinner with the kids, making sure homework had been done before they came home, Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy, baths, bedtime stories, and then a little time for myself before going to bed. I miss those days and yet I don’t miss the rush.

    That half hour of sit-coms is just the right cocktail to ease out of work and into home. I love it. <3