Three things you can do to increase your energy – naturally

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Everyone can benefit from more energy. We are constantly running around, trying to get things done, expending our energy stores, and not filling it back up! Well, there are plenty of ways to get more energy, such as drinking caffinated chemical-laden energy drinks or mold infested coffee (that’s why I do Bulletproof, which you can read about here!), but I wouldn’t touch those energy drinks with a ten-foot pole. So what can help you get more energy without slowly poisoning yourself at the same time? There are many things you can do that may or may not work for you. I know for me, these three things have worked tremendously!

Rebounding is jumping on a mini trampoline. Not just jumping crazily, but what they call the “health bounce”, which is moving up and down without your feet leaving the rebounder, is very beneficial for your lymphatic system. It takes about four minutes for your lymphatic system to circulate around your body, so doing the health bounce for four minutes will circulate your lymphatic system and why does this help? Because your lymphatic system gets rid of all the junk in your system. Toxins, poisons, etc. It helps to clear it all out. A great way to move your lymphatic system is to go against gravity, so jumping up and down on a mini-trampoline does just that, with no shock to the joints! If your lymphatic system is stagnant, you’re stagnant! Rebounding has many other health benefits, and increasing energy is definitely a big one! Want to find out more, check out this website!

2. Drink Energized Water
This does not say drink any water. It says energized water! What makes water energized? Electricity! What makes water electrical? Conductivity! What creates conductivity? Ionic minerals! The water that comes out of the tap into our homes is dead! No electricity! We are electrical beings. How is dead water going to make us feel more energized? It’s not! So you can add ionic minerals to the water and you just made the water alive again! Don’t believe me, watch this video! The minerals I use are from here.

3. Practicing Taiji (Tai chi) or Deep Breathing
What Taiji or any energy movement exercises connect your mind to the body and move your chi (energy) with specific movements and breathing patterns to enhance your health and energy! After every session of Tai chi, I feel energized in a peaceful way. It’s not an energized feeling of having just danced for two hours, but a slowly developed flow of energy. If you do not practice tai chi, then start with deep breathing. It’s more than just sit there and breathe. It is getting into a quiet state of mind, like meditation, and just focusing on your breath alone. Allowing any thoughts to come up and dissipate, you just focus on expanding your chest and breathing in all the air you can, hold it in for a couple seconds, and then let it out fully. Your body actually moves with your breathing. Your chest, back, and abdomen expand and contract with each breath! Doing this for about five minutes will greatly oxygenate your body and fill you with a nice feeling of being renewed!

As with everything, you do not know if it works until you try it! As I said before, there are many more ways to get energized, but these ones work for me so they may work for you as well! Give it a try and see what happens!

Lots of Love!

Jacqueline Healy