Why isn’t the dandelion my friend?

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By Michael Watt

I like yellow. It’s bright. It’s cherry. It’s the color of the sun, for gosh sakes.

So why this societal animus for the dandelion? Yes, I know they go from a lovely yellow to those gray things that blow the evil weed seed across the land and create more evil weeds. But who was the genius who decided weeds were bad? Think about how much easier our lives would be if someone early on decided that weeds were the optimum when it came to how your yard looked,  – and not square foot after square foot of lush, green grass. I know my weekends would be more fulfilled and rewarding.

Try as I might, however, I don’t see myself convincing the rest of the world that weeds are not evil, so on with the weekend war against the proliferation of dandelions and its distant cousin, crabgrass. I have come to the conclusion that dandelions are God’s way of letting you know that if this is your biggest concern in life then you should consider yourself really, really fortunate. And I do.

That doesn’t mean I can’t lament the fact that I now see dandelions in my sleep, or that I spent five minutes of my life last Saturday showing my neighbor how this tool I bought is specially-designed to help me root out the dandelion weed without harming the grass around it.  I know I aspired to greater things in my life and I refuse to let those aspirations go. But in the meanwhile I also know that a lawn full of dandelions will anger the gods of Local Property Values, so it is onward and forward with the battle.

How big a role does the dandelion battle play in your life?

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